Ancona Archeology

“Free 1st Sunday at MUSEUM”

When: every 1st sunday of the month
What: entrance to Museums
Where: Italy
Cost: Free for all

We start off reminding everyone of the possibility of enjoying free admittance at your favorite museums this year, every first Sunday of the month all State-run museums in Italy are free! For everyone!! All over Italy, not just Ancona ad Marche Region.

It’s a great initiative to get more people (particularly locals who sometimes seem immune to the beauty they have been surrounded since birth, interested in culture and visiting museums, as well as archaeological sites and smaller, lesser-known museums.


  • Ancona (AN) – Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche
  • Arcevia (AN) – Museo Archeologico Statale
  • Numana (AN) – Antiquarium Statale
  • Portonovo (AN) – Chiesa di Santa Maria
  • Senigallia (AN) – Rocca Roveresca


  • Ascolpi piceno(AP): Museo Archeologico Statale


  • Cingoli (MC) – Museo Archeologico Statale di Cingoli Moscosi
  • Urbisaglia(MC) – Museo Archeologico Statale


  • Gradara (PU) – Rocca Demaniale
  • Urbino (PU) – Galleria Nazionale delle Marche

“ARCHAEOLOGY Spring Event”

When: 29th April Till 26the June, every Friday and Saturday at 10am, 11am and 12am
What: Visit to Roman Amphitheater, Roman Spa and Refuge Prisons
Where: Arch Bonarelli (Ancona)
Cost: Free to all

The spring event Ancona Archeology or “PRIMAVERA DELL’ARCHEOLOGIA ANCONETANA” is a sitesiings program that will give you the chance to visit “Roman Amphitheatre”, “Roman baths” and the “refugee prisons” of Santa Palazia in via Birarelli (Inside which are preserved precious Roman mosaics).
This event is accessible from the 29th April till 26th June on every Friday and Saturday at 10am, 11am and 12am.

No booking is requested, just show up ad the Arch Bonarelli,
near Senate Square in the indicated times.
Admission is free and the tour lasts about fifty minutes (50min).

For further information:
Superintendence of the Marches Archaeology

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