Fiera San Ciriaco

Fiera di San Ciriaco – Main spring event in city center to celebrate “San Ciriaco” the saint of Ancona, with traditional booths and street shops as well as prolonged orari for most of the shops (~ 9 AM until 11 PM) a lot of people walking around, food, friends and little tipical marketshops. You should deffenetly take a “Piadina con salsiccia e erbe di campo” or a “panino con la porchetta” … have fun! c ya there!

When: May 1- 4
Where: Ancona City Center

The dates are 100% reliable. Gregory Knows that the main event is always between 1~4 may (state holiday and city holiday) and he noticed by walking in the city that the roads have been set up for the event of this year.  Before starting your trip, you should contact your local and / or organizations or send us a mail, we will be glad to help You!